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Szeptuchy is not only a healer from the east. Although we have roots in the Middle East from Warsaw, we are specialists in the field of e-marketing. We put our first steps in advertising our own businesses almost 30 years ago. In the Internet era, we abandoned standard services entering the virtual world, where growing experience has changed a small part of the company into a larger cell. As a result, we have created a separate company with 25 people on board. Specialization today is one of the best ways to the success of any business.

1989 Establishment of a Trade Company and grocery, multi-branch and specialist stores
1995 Expansion of the business to a production plant
1999 The company's development with advisory and financial services
2002 Introduction of the Consulting and Consultancy Agency
2008 Establishment of an independent advertising agency, Strych Polska
2010 Implementation of unique advertising space
2012 Intensive development of the Digital Marketing cell
2014 Introduction of the independent brand
2016 Creation of the proprietary BUZZ Marketing service "Explore & Realized"
Trust the professionals
who take responsibility for what they write

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What we do

We create a positive image on the web

We operate reliably based on facts, your documents, descriptions and all information about your company and product. We do not allow misrepresented information from the network to destroy the real values of your brand.

We do this thanks to the exact knowledge of your company and only then can we start the campaign.

We improve the brand's visibility

This is a well-known operation of a simple image campaign. Your product and service are certainly at a high level, however the competition is not sleeping and the segment is getting tight.

We make sure that your brand stands out against the background of active competition. And if you are introducing a new service or product, we implement your own "Explore & Realized" campaign so that customers pay particular attention to your products / services.

We write on Internet forums

It is such a simple matter, and at the same time the most difficult one. It is important to choose forums and places where your brand could realistically appear, and not where the phrase in Internet monitoring programs pops up.

Our most important advantage is HAND SEARCH for all topics related to your business. That is why we propose you not 5,000 posts in a package, and, for example, 50. You pay only for posts that have remained on the network on the day of sending the report.

We'll get wherever we need

Where ordinary media fail, the radio turned off, the television broke down, the newspaper too far. That's where we are. We create content on portals, on forums and in places where we complement your actions to complete the missing piece of the puzzle.

Examples are sponsored articles or content of bloggers, vloggers or influencers, which often remain without comments (which gives the impression of lack of interest) or are overly commented, comments that go in the wrong direction or deviate from the subject.

Reviews and opinions

We notice a very high trend in checking reviews and opinions. Most of them are written by dissatisfied customers, and the stars themselves often give people who do not like to write.

Unfortunately, competition attacks are everyday, that's why we launched the "Airbags" service, if your reviews are on one level, it is worth making sure that they are always and we have a way to do it. When heyt got to you, we neutralize it and show recipients what to look for in your company. The review and opinion is not sweetening, just paying attention to important aspects of your services.

Positive image

Unfortunately, sometimes there are worse things than hotters and jealous competition. They are people who often create unconscious information on the principle of a deaf phone.

False parameters or prices that someone assigns to your brand from "hear" is a common problem for our customers. We enter here on the basis of corrigenda. We can do it as a regular user, an expert in a given field and the official voice of your brand.

Brand in Social Media

We operate from the users side on discussion groups, by supporting competitions to running a fanpage. Where your clients are, there and us. We are happy to be on social networking sites and wherever hot discussions are taking place. We silence topics that are harmful to your brand.

We always set the scenario of activities individually, we follow the activities of Internet users on a regular basis and we react in places where the mention will bring the greatest benefit to you. We also do not forget about other websites where internet users exchange their opinions and reviews.

A few facts about whisper marketing.
SEO Effect

Search engine optimization is expensive and is done by adding content. Our texts are original, written on thematic forums. Such activities naturally position the pages.


We realize, suggest, suggest, BUT WE DO NOT SELL PRODUCTS. The customer decides whether he or she decides to buy (which he usually does) after reading the arguments.

75% TRUST, 40% BUY

According to market research, 75% of Internet users trust entries on Internet forums, of which as many as 40% decide to buy products that are described in forums.
What does competition without experience

Creativity and originality belong to artists. Copying to craftsmen.
On one of the blogs stick posts

This is how postings are created, created "for the future" for several companies at the same time, when they "unintentionally" stick togethe
How to cram large amounts :)

If the company encourages you to large amounts posts may look like this.
Real differences and benefits

Brand ambassadors in the form of "people from the neighborhood" advise the best. We launch a direct communication channel with the client. We identify brands and increase product awareness. We reach the target customer. We improve quality in the eyes of existing and potential customers. We provide feedback from direct relationships with a group of recipients.

Each customer is different needs, quantity and forums, which is why:


1 We do not have price lists

2 We do not have packages

3 We are not robots

4 We do not spam

5 We act ethically

6 We guarantee 100% originality

7 We provide 100% discretion

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