How we start cooperationAdded: 04/01/2018
How we start cooperation

Very often the first question that our future clients ask us is: "How much will it cost?" And each time at this stage we leave it without a specific answer. Before we prepare an individual offer, we must get to know our client. It is not enough here to specify the industry or type of products. The clarification of the scope of the campaign and, consequently, the price lists consists of many criteria.

That's why every cooperation begins with a detailed research. At the customer's request, it is possible to sign a confidentiality agreement in advance, which gives him confidence that the information provided will not go beyond the circle of our team. On the basis of the collected information, we can prepare several proposals of activities from which the client may (but does not have to) choose the one that suits him best. In order to check the legitimacy of such a campaign in your industry it is possible to establish short-term cooperation that will allow you to precisely specify customer needs.

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Each customer is different needs, quantity and forums, which is why:


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