What and where we can still writeAdded: 04/01/2018
What and where we can still write

Whisper marketing is not just about your brand's discussions and voice. This is the whole mechanism to protect against unfair competition or temporary troubles. We do not increase your ratings and reviews artificially, but we strengthen the present.

Adding reviews and opinions on portals should take place when the company or user knows the product, that's why we always test your products or services and describe them in a reliable way, without misleading the user because it is incompatible with Polish law. When you buy sponsored articles on blogs, it's worth thinking about comments below. If you have gastronomic or tourist services, and your users only add grades without descriptions, then it is worth thinking of them also appearing.

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Each customer is different needs, quantity and forums, which is why:


1 We do not have price lists

2 We do not have packages

3 We are not robots

4 We do not spam

5 We act ethically

6 We guarantee 100% originality

7 We provide 100% discretion

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