What is Whisper MarketingAdded: 04/01/2018
What is Whisper Marketing

Whisper marketing (or buzz marketing) is a set of activities aimed at triggering a discussion among consumers about a specific product or brand. The word "buzz" literally means buzzing, buzzing and indicates a lively interaction with potential customers. Whisper marketing is based on direct discussion or telling about your experience with a product or brand. In the simplest terms, the essence of this type of marketing activities, whispering is based on the strength of the gossip, in a natural and unconstrained conversational tone.

The stimulation of the marketer's discussion is not perceived by the recipients of the message as an intrusive advertisement. A properly run campaign is not based on denigrating competition or providing false information. The overly enthusiastic tone and expressing the product in superlatives are also not recommended. Overusing the word "recommend" or emoticons is striking and is the hallmark of a poor word-of mouth marketing campaign, which is quickly picked up by internet users and ridiculed.

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