Why do not we have price lists and packagesAdded: 04/01/2018
Why do not we have price lists and packages

We do not maintain fixed price lists, because we approach each client individually, becoming familiar with the product about which we are to whisper. The number of posts and the price list depends on the industry and the specifics of the topic. The harder it is, the more work, knowledge and professionalism is required to write our employees, which is why the price is also higher.

The next step in our activity is to prepare the research and check how many queries appear in the network about a given product or brand. It is only after reviewing the Internet that we go on to determine the number of posts and time of campaign implementation. It can last a month, three, six, a year or even longer if there are no articles on the subject in the network. The cheapest word-of-mouth marketing is not the action thrown in without thinking about what many companies do. A whisper marketing company should know exactly how to make a good word-of-mouth marketing and on what forums to allow whispering, and what forums will create the danger of a hazy wave.

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Each customer is different needs, quantity and forums, which is why:


1 We do not have price lists

2 We do not have packages

3 We are not robots

4 We do not spam

5 We act ethically

6 We guarantee 100% originality

7 We provide 100% discretion

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